Congregation Ohave Shalom - Young Israel of Pawtucket

Essays from our
Tanach Class

Table of Contents


Peshat and Midrash
Peshat and Derash: Levels of Interpretation

In the Beginning: Understanding the First Words of the Torah

Aharon's Role in the Creation of the Golden Calf

The Sale of Yosef

Moshe, Aharon and the Striking of the Rock

Yaakov's Battle with the Mysterious Stranger

Chavah [Eve] and the Tree

Yehudah and Tamar

Miriam's Leprosy

Lesser-Known Important Torah Personalities
Baruch ben Neryah

Chuldah the Prophetess

Nachum the Prophet

Hatzlelponi, mother of Samson

Doeg the Edomite

Izevel [Jezebel]

Binayahu ben Yehoyada








Benot Tzelafchad [The daughters of Tzelafchad]

Chafni and Pinchas

Our Weekly Tanach E-mail

We looked at the lives of some of the lesser-known critical figures from Torah, through a combination of the Written Torah's verses and the Spoken Torah's Midrashic analysis. Each week, after Shabbos was over, an e-mail was sent out with a summary of the discussion from that day's Tanach class.

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