Congregation Ohave Shalom - OU shul in Pawtucket

Proper Pronounciation of Pawtucket

Local Kosher Eateries

  • The local Va'ad is under the aegis of Rabbi Mitchell Levine, who can be reached at (401) 621-9393. They maintain supervision of several caterers and eateries.

  • Davis Dairies, a large distributor of Kosher foods in New England, carries many hard-to-find items at hard-to-beat prices. At the corner of Hope St. and Braman, his central location is convenient from all over town. [The prepared foods are not under the Va'ad.]


  • We have a far-reaching Eruv, created under the supervision of Rabbi Shimon Eider and checked every week before Shabbos.
    Check out the Eruv Map!


  • Our Mikvah is located at the corner of Elmgrove Ave and Sessions St, just behind the JCC. For more information, e-mail the Rabbi. For appointments, call the Mikvah answering machine at 401-432-2291.

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