Congregation Ohave Shalom - Young Israel of Pawtucket

Pesach 5761

Frequently Asked Questions

This year, 2001 / 5761, Pesach begins on a Saturday night. This creates a whole slew of questions, some more obvious than others. When do you prepare the Seder? When do you burn the Chametz? The last time this occurred was 1994/5754, and so the answers don't come readily to mind. The next time is not too far away, though - 2005/5765 - so store this in a safe place!

Here is a primer on Pesach 2001, handling some of the issues which arise. Of course, please call me (401-729-4583) or email me ( if you have any questions which this FAQ does not clarify.

Section 1: When is our Chametz sold?
Section 2: When do we search for Chametz?
Section 3: When do we burn Chametz?
Section 4: When do we say "Kol Chamira," annulling our ownership of Chametz?
Section 5: When do the first-born sons fast?
Section 6: How do we serve Chametz food on Shabbat, April 7th?
Section 7: What do we do with Chametz which remains after the Shabbat meals?
Section 8: Does Chametz become Muktzeh on Shabbat afternoon?

Section 9: When do we eat Seudah Shlishit (the 3rd Shabbat meal)?