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Ohave Shalom Youth Challenge

What new shul program involves Pawsox tickets and Mitzvos?

It’s the Ohave Shalom-YI of Pawtucket Youth Challenge!

These are the rules: Each Hebrew month the bulletin board will have a new list of “Learning Challenges” and “Mitzvah Challenges.” If you complete one Learning Challenge and one Mitzvah Challenge for your age group, you receive 50 points. You may then redeem your points for a prize, or carry them over to the next month and save up for a bigger prize. Rabbi Torczyner will keep track of points and give out the prizes.

Learning Challenges will include answering questions posed on the Shul’s Weekly Announcements Sheet, studying with a sibling or parent on Shabbos afternoon, and memorizing Mishnayos from Pirkei Avos. Mitzvah Challenges will include helping prepare your house for Shabbos, coming to Shul, visiting people who are ill and performing seasonal Mitzvos, like shoveling snow for elderly people or eating breakfast in a Succah. All Challenges will be tailored for three specific age groups: Kindergarten and under, 1st through 6th grade, and 7th grade and up.

Some of the program’s cost is being underwritten by an anonymous donation.

If you have ideas for this project, or if you wish to help defray the cost of the prizes, please see Rabbi Torczyner.

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