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Shabbos Morning Youth Program

Ohawe Sholam has a Youth Program!

After a long period of preliminary organization and background work, the Youth Committee has now met, defined a mission, and taken the first steps toward a Shabbos Morning Youth Program to be held at our shul.

In the waning days of October, Rafi Minkin, Kay Gruder, Arnold Herzog, Regina Schild and Yardena Winkler met at the Schild home to define their vision of what the Youth Program should look like.

So far, the plan is for the program to run once a month, and to consist of two tiers. One tier is a program with Jewish content for younger children, and the other tier will be a Junior Congregation for older youth. Both programs will run 9:45 AM - 11:15 AM.

The next step is to find staff for these programs. As the Youth Committee envisions it, the younger group will be overseen by two teenage girls. The girls will rotate in taking care of this group, so that they will both get a chance to daven. The Junior Congregation tier, which will include Divrei Torah and parts of the davening, will be run primarily by teens. A paid adult will oversee and help with both groups.

The search for an adult to take this paid position continues. Feelers have been sent out to all parts of the community, and the Youth Committee is still looking for new ways to find staff. If you know of any leads, please contact Rafi Minkin.

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