Jewish Spirituality
Volume 10

By way of preface:

Jewish Spirituality - Volume 10 / 30 Nisan / May 5


Home is where the heart is?

Look at old issues
Mordechai Torczyner

Subject: Home is where the heart is?
By: Anonymous

I have a simple question. When I read books, or listen to music, I get into a mood which helps me feel elevated, closer to my soul. This is not even something particularly Jewish - it happens to me when I am drawn to strong emotions, about anything.

The problem is that in my home I get so caught up in my daily routine and existence that these emotions become dull.

Does anyone have advice on turning my home into a more "spiritual" place?

Subject: Look at old issues
By: Mordechai Torczyner


I just want to recommend that you look at some of the old issues, to see some pre-Pesach questions and discussions to which you might be able to contribute.

I get the feeling that some questions are considered "complicated" right off the bat, and so people are loathe to take them on. Nonetheless, I feel it is important that people respond to these questions with whatever thoughts they have.

Have a good Shabbos,
Mordechai Torczyner

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