Jewish Spirituality
Volume 11

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Jewish Spirituality - Volume 11 / 7 Iyyar / May 12

Re: Home is where the heart is?

Subject: Re: Home is where the heart is?
By: Elaine Saklad

>Subject: Home is where the heart is?
>By: Anonymous
>Does anyone have advice on turning my home into a more "spiritual" place?

I think that this is what we're all struggling with on this list... I wish
I had a great answer, because then I wouldn't have this problem, either :)

I liked what Rabbi Torczyner wrote before Pesach:
>He [Rav Klonimus Kalman Schapiro] wrote that our spiritual sensitivity to
>Gd's presence, and to His relationship with us, is like a muscle - it must
>be exercised, or it atrophies.

Towards that end, I have a few suggestions that work for me, when I do them:

1. Keep listening to music and reading books that get you feeling "closer
to your soul". It seems that the more we do these things that affect us,
the easier it is to keep the feelings going.

2. Learn Torah and doven. I find that emotional things (such as music and
emotional books) will help get me started, but things like learning and
dovening will sustain me longer.

3. Surround yourself with other people that are interested in developing
their spirituality. The more you think and talk about spiritual matters -
learning, mitzvos, etc., the more you'll feel G-d's presence. There are
several people in town that I always like to speak to, because they seem to
be really in touch with spirituality (I wouldn't be surprised if at least
some of them are reading this!)

4. Try to involve your family - sing with them, learn together, make
Shabbos and Yomtov meals into spiritual occasions.

I think it's difficult work, but when it goes well, it's extremely
satisfying. No matter what else I'm doing, it feels important when I'm in
a spiritual frame of mind. This email list is really helpful to me,
because it gets me thinking about spirituality itself on a regular basis.

I'd love to hear other people's ideas on this topic...


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