Jewish Spirituality
Volume 20

By way of preface:

Jewish Spirituality - Volume 20

Gd and Fatherhood --
Subject: Gd and Fatherhood
By: Scott Spiegler

Hi all,

I have been quite busy, hence, my limited contributions. But, here is a question to this group that has been on my mind of late.

As everyone knows, there are many places in Jewish literature where G-d is referred to as Father. And, this analogy, of course, is being made with the human father of each person. In discussions I have been having, the question of how tightly does the analogy hold, has come up.

Meaning, if we are going to refer to G-d as Father in certain contexts, how far do we take this analogy?

Here are some specifics:

1. Can I ask G-d for specific things, as a child would ask his human father?
a. How (in what form) will I receive the response to my request?
b. What should my response be to His response, when I am happy with the response?
c. When I am not?
d. If not, is it reasonable to be unhappy with his response when what he does is for the Good?
e. Are there ways to change the response in the future?

2. Does G-d love us as individuals?
a. How would I know that, were it true? How does He express love?

3. What does G-d provide for me?
a. What does He not?

These are many questions, I realize. I put them out there, in the hope that some of them will connect to you in a personal way. If they do, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and feelings on the question(s).

Have a great Shabbos,


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