Jewish Spirituality
Volume 22

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Jewish Spirituality - Volume 22

Re: Gd and Fatherhood Awe of Gd Administrivia --
Subject: Re: Gd and Fatherhood
By: Scott Spiegler

>> c. When I am not?
>ANSWER: Also a prayer of thanks that imbues your mind with
>the thought that Ha-Shem does everything with a grand design in mind;
>it is a good lesson of life that we do not receive everything we want or

Dear Grandma Anne,

Thank you for your sweet reply to my post. Above all, I felt the loving
tone of a Jewish grandmother speaking to me. It warmed my heart. I
imagine your grandchildren are quite lucky to have you as their grandma.
I hope they get to enjoy you for many years to come...

I wanted to pursue this part of your response with you. I am familiar
with this concept of the Grand Design and generally find it makes sense.
But, what about a situation where the person truly needs the very thing
that is being withheld. I tend to get stuck on this approach, when- for
instance- a woman who desperately wants to have children is not able. I
can't imagine the deep pain that this person experiences from this
deprivation. My heart goes out with the deepest compassion to all women
or couples (because, of course, it is certainly not always the woman who
is unfertile) who suffer from this situation.

I am not sure how to respond to this scenario and say that it is somehow
ok, because it is part of a bigger plan. It doesn't feel ok. I hope G-d
doesn't think it is ok, but maybe this is just my need for G-d to not
think it is ok. I am genuinely confused on this issue. I'd really like
to hear your thoughts on this.

Kindly and Respectfully, Scott

Subject: Awe of Gd
By: Mordechai Torczyner

Last week, I asked what people thought is the purpose of Awe of Gd.

Not having received any responses here, these are my thoughts:

We are obligated to develop a feeling of love for Gd. Gd is our parent, and we are children who ought to reciprocate the love our parent displays by bringing us into this world and giving us continued life.

There is a danger to love, though; a person who is in a love relationship becomes close, at least in his perception, to the person he loves. This may lead to an over-familiarity, and to a loss of perspective. A person enduring hard times might well turn to his Parent and say, "What are You doing this to me for?"

This is the purpose of Awe - to remind us that for all we are close to Gd, we are still not remotely in His league. Awe affords us a sense of perspective.

Subject: Administrivia
By: Mordechai Torczyner


Caren, Amram and I expect to be away for next Shabbos, and so there will be no Jewish Spirituality Email next week.

Have a good Shabbos,
Mordechai Torczyner

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