Jewish Spirituality
Volume 24

By way of preface:

Jewish Spirituality - Volume 24

A Discussion Group? --
Subject: A Discussion Group?
By: Mordechai Torczyner

We are taught that every soul is different in the way it deals with the world around it, and in the way it approaches HaShem. The appropriate Derech (life-path) for each person is therefore different from the appropriate Derech of every other person, as well.

This idea spurred my initial initiative to create a "Jewish Spirituality" discussion group. I felt that we could all contribute ideas which would help others, adding to each person's individual mix of ideas an approaches. As I mentioned in Volume 1, I found myself having numerous discussions about spirituality with individuals who felt they were alone in searching, and so I thought we could all stand to benefit from the input of others on this list, with each member helping to whatever extent possible.

Looking back over the past several mailings, though, it seems that most of our contributors have stopped contributing. It is clear that people are interested in the content of these mailings, as almost everyone emailed me to continue sending them mail when I switched from AOL to Juno. On the other hand, people have stopped sending in material, and I think that those contributions are crucial for this list.

A couple of people stopped posting because they would post questions and not receive responses. Perhaps it would be better for people to post observations and respond to others' observations, rather than present open-ended questions; I don't know.

The bottom line is that this list needs your thoughts. "Jewish Spirituality" shouldn't be about receiving an email translating a passage from a book every Friday morning. Jewish Spirituality is about each person developing a relationship with HaShem, and using his/her own experiences to edify others in their own relationships with HaShem.

Have a good Shabbos, and may we all receive a Kesivah vaChasimah Tovah,
Mordechai Torczyner

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