Jewish Spirituality
Volume 29

By way of preface:

Jewish Spirituality - Volume 29

Re: Putting Spirituality to Work --
Subject: Re: Putting Spirituality to Work
By: Lisa Ravitz

I attend two weekly Jewish classes. After each class I feel a sense of reconnection to Judaism and spirituality. I usually leave the classes more inspired to perform mitzvot. I notice that just a few days later, I can lose that feeling of excitement. How can it be that after only two days I move back to where I started? I remarked to my husband that by the time the next week of class rolls around, I really need it to rejuvenate me and make me feel more excited about mitzvot again. He responded that we need these experiences every day, not just a couple of times a week. He said we actually need them more than once a day. He reminded me, "Why do you think we are required to daven three times a day?"

I find that I need to actively go to a class, read something Jewish, or listen to Jewish music every day in order to stay motivated. I also marvel at my son, ponder why Hashem created babies with their particular needs and behaviors, and try to give thanks to Hashem every day for my son. I feel myself move away from the spirituality that I seek when I don't give myself some daily Jewish input.

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