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Providence Hebrew Day School:
Graduation 5758

On Thursday, June 18, we graduated 22 Eighth Grade students. The 15 boys and 7 girls participated in a warm and meaningful ceremony, followed by a tasty celebration. Here are some pictures from the event:

The 8th Grade Class

Our Graduating Eighth Grade Class

Our Dean

Our Dean, Rabbi Mordechai Nissel, addresses the graduates.

Mrs. Sheehan and Mrs. Gibber

Mrs. Sheehan and Mrs. Gibber address each graduate individually, before presenting each with a diploma.
Seated in the background is Mr. Michael Weiner, President of PHDS.

Jeffrey Berman Scholarship This is the awarding of the Jeffrey Berman Memorial Scholarship, which is presented for Outstanding Character in Torah, Midos, Community Service and Commitment towards Torah Education.
Left to right:
Mrs. Marsha Gibber [Girls' High School Menaheles] (seated),
Awardee Tzipora Jakubowicz,
Mrs. Sheehan [Elementary and High School General Studies Coordinator],
Rabbi Mitchell Levine [Rabbi, Congregation Beth Sholom of Providence]

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